Semi-detached single-familiy house, balmes 26, onda the project is located in an urban area of new expansion in the north area of the village, being vital for the design of the project the natural area sierra de espadán surrounding the location. on the other hand, the hall policy establishes 5m distance from the building to the frontage living for this type of semi-detached single-houses. taking into account these aspects as well as the developers’ instructions (i.e., a young couple, who needed a house in which brightness and sun light were central in the design) the project is carried out as it follows. the project. the house is distributed in three different floors: i) basement, ii) ground floor and iii) first floor. i) the basement is devoted to parking and installations ii) the ground floor is thought to be the living area. in this floor we can find the kitchen, the living room, the dining room, a bathroom and an additional bedroom. this floor is raised 1m high with regard to the street level, which affords an exterior porch. such porch is understood as the previous access point that affords an elevated point of view of the pedestrians passing by. this porch together with the backyard provide crossed ventilation and a continuing connection between interior and exterior spaces. iii) the first floor includes the bedrooms, secondary bedrooms, a bathroom and a study room which pours into a double height. this floor also houses the main bedroom, which is designed as a suite and therefore the bathroom, the changing room and the bedroom itself are designed as linked spaces. the roofed floor is designed as an outdoor solarium and installations area circulation is thought to be fluid and continuous in the whole house. duplicity in some routes provides different options for dwellers.. volumetrically the house is organised in three differentiated parts, which correspond to i) the dining room ─ which is designed in a double height, ii) a central area which embraces the vertical circulation of the house and iii) a third section that is devoted to the kitchen and main bedroom. the house distribution meets all the legal requirements but breaks with the street alignment, which affords i) a wider porch, ii) a clear access to the house and iii) that the area that houses the main bedroom and the kitchen leans out towards Sierra the Espadan througout the hollows that break out the corner. thanks to this distribution of volumes, which responds to the function of each one of the above described areas, the organization of the house is clearly reflected in the façade of the house. in the main façade an automatic lifting system affords to make the open-air access balcony a covered element by means of an automatic module of aluminium adjustable slats. likewise, the higher part of the double height space is protected by means of an automatic aluminium adjustable blind that affords to control the sun light and brightness passing through in the house. in sum, it is a convertible façade, whose elements do move not only vertically but also horizontally allowing, thus, that annexed spaces change their original function. materials the project is carried out with few materials that provide specific characteristics to the space they serve. in this sense, the slate is the only material which is used in the exterior façade, walking hand in hand with the guests up to the entrance door. within the ground floor the material used is 30x60 ceramic tiles. this material is steadily used in all the rooms and in the first floor that is accessible by means of a staircase made of Ipe overhanging steps, which leads to the floating wood floor providing the night area of the house of a warming environment. in façades the house is projected as a group of white volumes separated by an Ipe wooden stripe, in which the entrance door and a first floor lattice are integrated. the wide glass-house-parts afford the house to be open towards the landscape and the double-high dining room to escape towards the outside part providing, in this way, a more intense feeling of spaciousness.